Falkirk Blind Club

A chance for people with low vision or vision impairment to socialise every week.

What Is The Blind Club?

The Falkirk Blind Club is a group ran by the Falkirk Foundation for blind or visually impaired members of the community. Meeting every Tuesday 1-3pm in the Falkirk Stadium’s Kevin McAllister Stand, the club is run by its own committee who put together a programme of events, excursions, meals and general get togethers.


Founded back in the late 1990’s, the Blind Club used to be an independent charity, but with further need for funding, Falkirk Football Club and later the Falkirk Foundation took them in. Since being absorbed by the Foundation, the Blind Club has been a pillar of the local community. The Club is now funded through the generosity of local funding from organisations such as RS McDonald who have supported Blind Club for over 3 years now. Even today, several of the original founders of Blind Club still attend, and the spirit of the group has never faded.


Several members of the blind club were interviewed during a session which included a visit from a local barbershop chorus group who sang, told jokes and read poems.

A local married couple, Jim & Linda, come along every week and enjoy the facilities provided in particular.  Linda receives a copy of the Falkirk Herald on a memory stick every week so she can listen in to the local news, and similarly John goes along to a lot of the games where they have the technology for members to listen into games through commentary provided by Falkirk TV.

Many other members highlighted how important the social opportunities the club makes available are. John is the club’s newest member and said that Tuesdays are “the highlight of my week”. Similarly, Mary has been coming for 4 years with her carer, who told us how much Mary enjoys meeting the group and the opportunity to get out and about.

Murray, who has been a part of the club’s committee since it was originally formed is at the heart of everything the club stands for.  He attends all the sessions and knows and looks after every member on a personal level, so make sure to look out for him if you come along.

With around 30 members attending this session across a wide demographic from people in there 50’s up to their late 90’s, blind club certainly has a lively atmosphere and plenty room for more visitors to come along.

Who To Contact?

If you are interested in joining or volunteering with the Blind Club, please contact info@falkirkfoundation.org