Coalfields Sports Works

Improving the prospects of young people in Coalfields communities.

Falkirk Foundation work in partnership with Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Game on Scotland and any other local partners to help improve the job prospects of local people in Coalfields communities through the bespoke “CRT Sports Works” course.

CRT Sports Works is a 10 week programme that runs 3 days per week. Throughout the programme, participants will:

Our last 2 CRT Sports Works courses achieved 100% positive results in the below:

The 3 main aims of the programme we look to improve are:

All participants are provided with FREE Falkirk Foundation branded kit and are treated as a member of the Falkirk Foundation during their time on the programme.

Two previous participants noted below:

“This programme help me gain confidence in applying for jobs and helped with my fitness and has opened a lot of opportunities for me in the future”

“My physical and mental health was improved a lot”

We will be running the CRT Sports Works course in 2023 in the Falkirk/Stirling area. If you or anyone you know would be interested, please email

Case Study - Lee Marshall

Lee Marshall was a participant from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust programme from August to November 2021. Lee was a massive success story of the programme as he found employment directly through participating, so we sat down with him to get an understanding of his experience.

Lee first found out about the programme at Cowdenbeath’s job centre, where applying was as simple as getting in touch with Grant at the foundation and finding out when he was to get started.

Alongside developing a variety of skills, the key takeaway for Lee was the confidence he gained through the programme and being able to channel that into developing and demonstrating his employability skills was a key part in his success in securing a role.


Walking to and from the programme every day for just over an hour, Lee clocked up roughly 240 miles over the course of the 12 weeks. This was a fantastic achievement and is a great example of what committing to the fitness and wellbeing elements of the programme can help you achieve. Lee undertook the programme alongside two other participants who also received SQA certificates for their efforts across the programme, with it being a great opportunity to make friends whilst continuing your professional development. Lastly, Lee mentioned how he couldn’t recommend the programme enough to people looking for work, emphasising how helpful Grant and everyone involved was.