Ian Alexander Legacy Fund

Ian was born in Falkirk in 1951 where he happily spent his later years living quietly until, following a period of failing health, he passed away in January 2018. Throughout his life, Ian’s true passion was football, particularly Falkirk FC, where, as with his Dad before him, he was an avid and loyal supporter along with his brother Sandy.

His brother Sandy and sister Eileen wanted to set up an ongoing memorial to a wonderfully generous, humble, loving and thoroughly decent brother who always put the needs of others to the fore. He was acutely aware of the problems and worries in everyone else’s life, always finding the time to empathise and give support to anyone in times of need. A true gentleman, who is greatly missed.

The Ian Alexander Legacy Fund was set up and placed under the umbrella of the Falkirk Foundation.

The fund has helped to provide lots of opportunities for the local community

Supporting the provision of a new Community Pitch at the Falkirk Stadium. This pitch enables the Foundation Community Teams, CAMHS and Education programmes to access a quality all weather pitch all year round which is an attractive offer for young people that are disengaged with traditional education models, yet consistently engage with the Foundation programmes on offer.

Enabling the continuation of the CAMHS programme for young people who have:

  • Limited social and communication skills
  • Feelings of isolation, low mood, anxiety and emotional dysregulation
  • Limitations with physical capabilities (motor skills and motor planning)
  • Reduced confidence & self-esteem
  • Poor concentration and attention

Scottish FA coaches

The session is delivered by Scottish FA coaches qualified in Coaching Para Footballers, alongside a fantastic group of volunteers that support the coaches. The programme has been a huge success, with up to 20 children attending on a weekly basis.

The programme aims to help these young people:

  • Improve physical health and well-being through activity
  • Develop social skills with staff and peers

“I get away from all the Stress and the bullies for a couple of hours” 

(CAMHS programme participant, 2019)

Supporting the running of the Junior Bairns and specifically, gifts for the children at Christmas and Easter and promotional materials.

Welcoming environment

The coaches create a welcoming environment, whereby parents and players are encouraged to begin each engagement with a relaxed discussion on the highlights from the previous week, and to discuss the outline for that particular days delivery. The participants arrive at the stadium through the main reception and our ‘team meeting’ is held in one of the classrooms near the main pitch access.